JIG - Cleerman 760x450mm table size, with 400mm dia. optical table, and 0.002mm resolution DRO
HORIZONTAL - Union (2 0ff) 1110x910mm table size, 905mm height capacity, with 3 axis DRO, and 700x560mm table size, 560mm height capacity machine


HORIZONTAL - Milwaulkee (2 off) 1880x380mm, and 1400x300mm table size
VERTICAL - Milwaulkee 1625x350mm table size
TURRET - Ajax 1200x230mm table size, Bridgeport (2 off) 1050x230mm table size with 2 axis DRO


CENTRELATHE - Stanley 250mm centreheight, 2450mm between centres. Progressive 200mm centreheight, 2030mm between centres, with DRO. Cardiff 180mm centreheight, 760mm between centres
TURRET - Herbert 9a, chucking only, 3 & 4 jaw, 250mm centreheight


CYLINDRICAL - Jones & Shipman (2 off) 305mm dia. x 1010mm long universal, 250mm dia. x 500mm long universal. Newall 250mm dia. x 915mm long, plain only
INTERNAL - Keighley 200mm bore capacity

SURFACE - Snow 380x1830mm table size, Elb 250x600mm table size
CENTRELESS - BSA 4mm to 140mm dia. capacity, through feed only
SLIDEWAY - Churchill 610x1830mm table size, open sided


PLANING - Poreba 700x3050mm table size with 700mm height capacity
SLOTTING - Jones 200mm stroke length, 630mm dia. rotary table

GEAR HOBBING - Adams, threadmilling, splineshaft cutting, gear cutting to 200m dia.
WELDING MIG, TIG, and MMA also Plasma cutting facilities